6 Strategies to Start Working Out Regularly

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If you’re new to working out, getting into a regular exercise routine can feel like climbing a mountain.

You know it’s going to improve your health, mood, and life, and give you more energy to be present with your family – but creating (and sticking to) this new habit can feel overwhelming in the midst of your busy schedule. From work to family obligations and everything in between, it’s easy to put your own health and fitness low on your priority list.

But the fact is, implementing new health and fitness habits isn’t important just for you, but for your family as well. Staying healthy allows you to spend more time and energy with the people you love most, and you model healthy behaviors that your kids will follow.

Fortunately, the old adage “mind over matter” couldn’t be truer when it comes to establishing a solid fitness ritual. Putting these strategies into play will not only benefit your body but will provide you with a successful, winning mindset you can use to implement positive routines in other areas of your life. You can even get your kids involved with some of these fun fitness ideas as well!

So here are some powerful strategies to get in the workout and fitness groove:

Invest in great shoes and workout wear

Ever go shopping for a great new outfit, and feel an extra little thrill when you know you get to put it on for an upcoming event? Why not do the same for your workouts!

When you take the time to find shoes and workout clothes that look and feel great, you’re sending a message to yourself that this is an area of life that’s important to you.

Commit fully to 2 workouts weekly

Even if your goal is to start working out 5 days or more per week, it’s overwhelming to over-commit to a new habit from the start. So instead, start small with a manageable 2-weekly workout routine that is non-negotiable on your calendar.

Commit to these appointments the same way you would commit to a work colleague.

Make working out FUN

Whoever said that moving your body had to be a drag? The truth is, you’re only going to stick to a fitness habit if it’s something you enjoy. And with so many creative ways to incorporate fitness into your life, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be.

What activities do you enjoy? Are you a people-person? Do you love the outdoors? Start hiking on the weekends with your family, go for a swim, throw the frisbee after school with your kids, offer to walk a friend’s dog, or pick up a new sport at the local fitness center.

When you get creative with your new workout habit, you’ll improve your health while expanding your mind and social circle.

Harness the power of community

Let’s be honest: trekking to the gym after work to slog away all alone on a stationary bike or elliptical trainer isn’t exactly most people’s idea of a blast.

If you’re someone who would rather gab away with friends over a drink after work than hitting the gym, ask them to join you for a walk or jog, or fitness class at your local gym.

And if a full-on switch just isn’t going to happen right away, at least compromise with a brisk 30-minute walk to raise your heart rate and get caught up on chit-chat before heading to happy hour.

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Try a session with a trainer

There’s nothing like accountability to keep you committed to a workout plan, and a personal trainer can give you just that.

Most gyms offer a free session or two to try out personal training, so take them up on it and see if it’s something that might work for your personal health goals. A trainer will help design a custom fitness plan for your body and goals. They’ll also show you the proper form, posture and techniques for stretching, operating exercise equipment, etc.

It’s also simply a great way to feel connected and remain accountable.

Pre-pack your gym bag

Remember: more than half the battle of committing to a fitness plan is just getting out the door for your workout.

You can hack your own mindset by preparing your bag and/or shoes and workout gear the night before (or the morning of, if you prefer to work out after work.) Just having everything set out to go will eliminate your excuses and help you settle into the habit of getting out to move your body.

We’re all about helping you create healthy and happy fitness routines at Sworkit. If you have any other strategies or mindset hacks to get your body moving on a regular basis, we’d love to hear them in the comments below!


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