Sworkit provides video guided workouts to keep you motivated to exercise and stay fit anywhere.

What is it?

Sworkit builds strength, yoga, cardio and stretching workouts that you can do anywhere. You just choose which part of your body you want to work on and how long you have to work out, and Sworkit takes care of the rest. By providing an actual workout and taking you through the motions with guided videos, you don't have to do any other planning or have any extra equipment.

Why Sworkit?

We all have the desire to take care of ourselves and we know that we need fitness to stay healthy. But it's easy to come up with excuses: "I don't have the time". "I have to watch the kids". "I don't like gyms". "I don't want to buy new equipment". "I get bored too easily". "I travel for work". "I don't know where to start". Sworkit is here to make sure that none of these excuses apply and we can all get a simple workout in whenever we want.

Benjaming Young - CEO

Formerly led product strategy for a Voice over IP app that had 60% year-over-year revenue growth before being spun off and sold. MBA, Wharton (Top 5%); BS computer Science, University of Virginia.

Gregory Coleman - COO

Former U.S. Air Force pilot & squadron commander (P&L equivalent) who has managed over $220MM in military assets. MBA, Wharton (finance & entrepreneurship); BS Electrical Engineering, U.S.A.F. Academy.

Ryan Hanna - Lead Developer

Sworkit was designed and created in 2012 when Ryan wanted a project to work on in order to teach himself to code. He hoped to combine his fitness knowledge from being an officer in the US Army with his technical knowledge from being a Network Administrator. Sworkit was born out of the desire to create a very simple tool that would help people at any level get fit or fitter. You can read more about his journey to learn coding over at Codecademy.com.

Step One: Choose a Workout Type

  • Strength: Full Body, Upper Body, Core Strength and Lower Body provide highly focused workouts.
  • Cardio: Light Warm Up, Full Intensity, Plyometrics and Boot Camp provide heart-pumping exercises that will get your body moving. And sweating. Embrace the Sweat.
  • Yoga & Pilates: Sun Salutation, Full Sequence, Runner's Sequence and pilates provide you with the perfect balace of calm and balance.
  • Stretching: Head to Toe, Full Body, Standing Only, and Back Strength help you increase flexibility and balance.
  • Custom Workout: Have specific needs or know exactly what you want? Design your own custom workout from out selection of 170+ exercises for the perfect personalized workout

Step Two: Choose Workout Length

  • Choose how long you want to work out based on how it fits into your schedule.
  • Sometimes it is nice to choose a shorter time period and then start another type of workout when you have completed the first one.
  • Or go for glory with a full 60 minutes.
  • In the Sworkit Pro app, you can take even more control by setting your own custom interval lengths.

Step Three: Exercise

  • Find some space and get ready for an awesome workout.
  • By default, Sworkit will take you through 30 second intervals and provide you with the proper rests.
  • You can skip any exercise if you do not feel comfortable with it, or if you just really loathe it.
  • Enjoy safely, sweat immensely.

Known Issues

Sworkit Lite iOS: Workouts may be ended prematurely. (Status: Fixed, waiting to submit in next update)

Sworkit Pro iOS: Workout log shows the same workout multiple times. (Status: Fixed, waiting to submit in next update)

Android: Some videos not present on custom ROMS (Status: Currently under development)

How can I get extra time between exercises?

You can turn on a 5 second transition in Sworkit at the 'Minutes' screen by choosing 'Enable Transition'. In Sworkit Pro you can customize this transition pause from 0-20 seconds in length with 'Advanced Settings'.

I can't sync to MyFitnessPal, anything I can try?

Use your MyFitnessPal username and password instead of Facebook to login for the connection. If you are still having trouble, use the 'Reconnect to MyFitnessPal' to revoke access and then connect again.

How can I play music and Sworkit?

Sworkit is designed to work along side any music app you choose. Simply launch your music app and the music you would like to hear, and then go back into Sworkit and you will be able to listen and Swork hard.

Why is it called Sworkit?

Sworkit /swerk-it/ stands for Simply WORK IT. Now go Swork It.


Sworkit is Free to Download and Use

Here is what you can look forward to:

  • Targeted workouts that require no equipment.
  • Custom workouts with exercises chosen by you.
  • Images and video for all exercises.
  • Track daily totals and calories burned.
  • Call friends out on Facebook and Twitter.
  • New features are always being added.

Available on the App Store

Android app on Google Play

Sworkit Available on the Amazon Store Kindle

Sworkit Pro

Sworkit Pro is Even More Amazing

Here are the great new features available in Pro:

  • Audible announcement of exercises.
  • Advanced stat tracking and goal setting.
  • Bonus workouts.
  • Save multiple custom workouts.
  • Variable interval lengths.
  • Access to full workout log.

Available on the App Store

Android app on Google Play

Sworkit Pro on the Amazon Store Kindle

Contact Sworkit

Sworkit features are driven by user requests. Your feedback and support are incredibly important to me and you will always get a response. Feel free to email me: Email Sworkit


Working out is great for you, but you must be careful and know your limits

  • If an exercise hurts, skip it.
  • Choose time lengths that are reasonable and take extra breaks as needed.
  • Do not do yoga beyond your experience level.
  • Take your time.
  • Have fun.