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The best personal trainer app to help you get (and stay) in the best shape of your life

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Whether your goal is:

  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Gain
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Increased Mobility
  • Injury Prevention
  • Or to Simply Ton

Sworkit can help. We’re one of the top fitness apps for iPhone, Android, or web users. Our workout plans are designed to help you reach your fitness goals faster and simpler.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the amazing transformations and testimonials from members of our SworkTeam below.



We believe fitness isn’t just something you do, it should be who you are and part of a lifestyle you enjoy. Our workout program is designed to help you make fitness a habit. With Sworkit, you can get in shape and stay in shape for life.


No gym? No Equipment? No Time? No problem. We make it simple to workout at home or on the go. You choose the time - from 1 minute to 90 minutes - and we provide the variety, including strength training, stretching, cardio, yoga, and more.


Sworkit has delivered life-changing results for thousands of people. Let us do it for you. Need personalized help? Get one-on-one guidance from certified fitness trainers with our Ask a Trainer program.

Simply Work It

Sworkit means to simply work it. Your body was built to move daily and we’ve designed an innovative experience that makes it easy, enjoyable, and, yes, simple, to do just that.

  • Variety: More than 500 unique workouts and over 900 exercises
  • Personalized: You choose the time you have to workout
  • Easy: Recommended workout plans based on your goals
  • Customizable: Create and save your own custom workouts
  • Support: Certified trainers to answer your fitness and nutrition questions

Getting Started With Sworkit

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, intermediate, or advanced, Sworkit makes it simple to get in shape and stay in shape. Get results-focused knowledge on weight loss, strength, nutrition, and more on our blog. Become a Sworkit member and get all the support you need to succeed with our amazing SworkTeam Community. Or sign up for our weekly newsletter to learn how to overcome your toughest fitness and nutrition challenges.

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See Why Millions - Students, Families, Beginners & Athletes - Have Tried Sworkit

If you’ve struggled to make fitness a habit in the past or if you’re looking to continue making a fitness habit, we’ve got the fitness app for you.


  • Justin Edwards

    Justin Edwards

    “I feel fantastic! Everyday I can wake up and workout and feel great after I finish [Sworkit]. I love how I look now and can’t wait to continue to stay healthy” – Justin

  • Sami


    In just 23 months Sami lost 285 pounds going from 515 pounds to 230, using Sworkit to help stay in shape.

  • Molly Clementz

    Molly Clementz

    Molly has been using Sworkit for 2.5 years and has lost over 180 lbs. She loves that she has been able to make results happen at home with no gym.

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