Employee Wellness
Made Simple

Sworkit supports corporate wellness programs for organizations of all sizes as their digital health and fitness solution.

Why Employers Love Sworkit

  • Focusing on employee wellbeing makes a public statement that people are the heart of your business
  • Bettering the employee experience with an exceptional wellness benefit
  • Improved overall employee health and reduced absenteeism
  • More socially connected and engaged team members
  • Holistic benefit for physical and mental health
  • Improved staff retention and increased attractiveness to new hires

We Do the Heavy Lifting to Make Fitness Simple and Accessible for your Team

Consistently rated #1 fitness app for beginners

Easy Onboarding & Launch

Globally available in 14+ languages

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A Holistic Wellbeing Offering For All Employees

Screenshot of the Sworkit app showing workout collections including barre, HIIT, yoga, low-impact, and rehab/ physical therapy.

Physical Health

Fitness, movement, and pain relief programs

Mental Health

Mental Health

Explore the mind-body connection while reducing stress

Social Connection

Social Connection

Engage employees with fun and motivating movement challenges

Employer Testimonials

Backed by science. Trusted by millions.

The #1 fitness app based on a study at the University of Florida of over 20 fitness apps


Information to easily share with your leadership or HR teams

Sworkit Information Sheet

Learn how Sworkit can help to reduce employee stress and bring employees together with an engaging and versatile wellness initiative. Download this one-pager for a quickly sharable overview of our programs.

Sworkit Health Solutions

Learn how Sworkit can help support the health of employees in the areas of Musculoskeletal pain, weight-loss, stress reduction, and the prevention of chronic conditions like diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases.

Single Slide Presentation

Share Sworkit with your leadership or HR teams simply, and effectively. Don't hesitate to let us know if there is any additional information you need for presenting Sworkit.

Client Case Studies

Learn how Sworkit has helped companies all over the world drive engagement by meeting employees where they are in their fitness journey and by supporting employers uniquely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Sworkit support Employees?

  • Custom-tailored workout programs with dynamic audio and video guidance
  • Easy access to speak directly with personal trainers for tailored fitness and nutrition programs
  • Free spousal or friend access for accountability support
  • Specialized programs for reducing pain, improving mental health, and creating positive daily habits
  • Boosts productivity, improves employee mental health, reduces absenteeism, betters your employee experience, and improves staff retention

How does Sworkit maximize employee engagement?

  • Live onboarding and training sessions are provided to both Admins and Employees
  • Employer and HR access to a real-time data engagement tracking portal with customizable privacy settings
  • Dedicated account manager to help maximize engagement
  • Easy to understand discount pricing based on lives covered
  • Employee Team Challenges to support wellness initiatives

Does Sworkit connect to wearable devices and other apps?

Yes! Sworkit pairs with virtually all popular devices and wearables with seamless integration through Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit. This covers Apple Watch, Garmin, Android Watches, Samsung, Polar, Wear OS, and more.

Does Sworkit provide benefits for mental health?

In addition to the many proven positive mental health benefits of exercise and movement, Sworkit also offers various Mindfulness and Meditation content to help reduce stress and improve mental health.

Does Sworkit provide nutritional guidance?

Members who are looking for nutrition advice can speak directly with our staff of trainers and health coaches for advice. Sworkit is also adding a new Nutrition Library for expanded support in Q2 2023.

Which languages does Sworkit support?

Sworkit is offered in 14 different languages: English, Spanish (LATAM), Spanish (ES), Portuguese, French, Italian, Hungarian, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, HindiGerman, Turkish, Korean, and Russian.

Is Sworkit GDPR Compliant?

Sworkit Health fully complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) established by the European Union. We are committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal data that we process, in adherence with GDPR principles and requirements.

Is Sworkit HIPAA Complaint?

Sworkit Health proudly complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which ensures the safeguarding of protected health information. We have implemented comprehensive policies, procedures, and safeguards to maintain the security and confidentiality of all data under our care.

Can Sworkit be covered by Health Insurance?

Yes, in many cases in the USA, Sworkit can be eligible for purchase with wellness dollars. To date, we’ve worked with Cigna, Anthem, and United Healthcare Group to provide Sworkit to employees.