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Ionic 4 taps Web Components for mobile app development

Ionic 4, a rebuilt version of Ionic’s web and mobile development platform, conforms to the Web Components standard and expands support to all popular…

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No Time for a Workout at the Gym? 7 Best Fitness Apps for Professionals

One of the most clichéd New Year resolutions that people take up is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, if you have a 9-10 hour work routine…

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How to connect FaceTime and Androids

Tech expert Stephanie Humphrey shows Sara and Michael some useful new phone apps, including Google Duo, Mint, Sworkit and Foodvisor

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The 24 Best Workout Apps for Women Who Want Results

Nothing kills your exercise motivation faster than a roomful of witnesses at the scene of your Not Nailing That Yoga Pose. But that’s where workout apps…

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25 Best Workout and Fitness Apps to Stay Healthy in 2019

The best fitness apps help keep you on that fitness grind no matter where you are. The best new workout apps make it easy to take your workout anywhere…

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Best fitness apps to kickstart your 2019

The inevitable January health kick is looming. And while it’s all well and good to expend vast swathes of your disposable income at…

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Here are a few fitness apps to get you moving

Scroll through Apple’s app store and you’ll find plenty of fitness options. With so much variety, it can be hard to choose. I sampled a few different apps…

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Fitness apps can help people get in shape — here’s how to use one of the top science-backed workout apps

Less than a quarter of adults ages 18 to 64 met the government’s recommended physical-activity guidelines from 2010 to 2015. Those guidelines call for healthy adults to do a minimum of 2 1/2 hours of moderate-intensity activity…

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Workout Showdown: Sworkit vs. Nike Training Club

Maybe you can’t go to the gym. Maybe you don’t want to go to the gym. Maybe the gym is too darn expensive. Good thing you can turn to your phone…

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What Are the Best Fitness Apps?

Workout and diet plans can be expensive. But luckily there’s an app for that! What are the top fitness apps to build your perfect body? Celebrity trainer Lacey Stone…

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How to Get a Great Workout While Traveling

You’re traveling for either business or fun, and check into a hotel in a city you’ve never visited before. You want to get a run in, but how do you know where to go?

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Resolved to Get in Shape? This Fitness App Just Launched a Six-Week Workout Plan.

If you’re ready to start getting in shape but the idea of going to a gym and working out in front of others for the first time in months makes you squeamish…

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How to Be Your Own Personal Trainer

Finding a personal trainer to keep you on track is a serious commitment (not to mention, expensive AF). Don’t get us wrong…

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Sworkit From ‘Shark Tank’ Is Available Now To Give You A Personal Trainer In Your Pocket

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, someone put another fitness app on the market. However, SworkIt seems to be easier to use and more satisfactory…

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13 of the Best Fitness and Health Apps for 2016

You already take your smartphone with you everywhere—you might as well use it to power your workout routine and glean precious data from your bike ride.

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A guide to the free fitness app sports scientists just called the best

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Sworkit: A Mobile App for Working Out Anywhere

Whether there’s no time to trek to the gym, group fitness classes aren’t your cup of tea, or you’re stuck indoors because of a massive…

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Tech Tip: Work it with Sworkit

As college students, our lives are filled with multiple commitments, ranging from academic to extracurricular to social. The last thing some of us…

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6 Reasons Why I Use the Workout App SWORKIT and You Should Too

If you’re like me, then you view working out as something you know you’ve got to do, but you just absolutely do not want to. However, after searching…

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Customer Spotlight: Sworkit

In 2012, developer Ryan Hanna was still learning to code when he began working on a passion project: an app to help people of all ages get fit…

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