2021 Challenge: Feel better, look better, live healthier

8-week Sworkit Transformation Challenge Build Muscle | Lose weight


This 8-week transformation challenge is for Sworkit members that will focus on improving overall health.

We’re here to help you feel better, look better, and live healthier.
There are two different workout programs you can choose from:

Option 1: Build Muscle with dumbbells
Option 2: Lose Weight

Both programs are designed by our Certified Personal Trainers to help you feel better, look better, and live healthier. With this challenge, you’ll receive check-ins from our coaches, as well as access to the most supportive fitness community.

start date

Monday, January 4th

end date

Monday, March 1st

Enter for a chance to win $500


  • One-on-one coaching from our certified personal trainers
  • A printable guide for tracking progress and goals
  • Support and accountability from our team of coaches
  • 8-week workout program specifically designed to feel and see results
  • Courses on motivation, nutrition, and exercise
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook Community with Sworkit Members

Two Winners

Join the challenge for a chance to win $500*

Winners be selected based on a combination of before and after photos and transformation story.
*Must be a US resident to be eligible to win

You have until January 4th to register for this challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to start the challenge?

  1. The first step is to sign up! If you’re currently a Sworkit member, sign up with your Sworkit email address. If you’re not a member yet, enter your email address and we’ll help you get started.
  2. Check emails for the latest challenge updates.
  3. Join and support others in the Sworkit Facebook community. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from others when you need it!
  4. Stay positive and focused! We’ll be there for you along the way. Let’s have fun and get fit together.

Will there be dedicated workouts for the 8-week challenge?

Yes! Our Certified Personal Trainers designed two 8-week programs with 5 workouts per week to progress you from beginner to more advanced workouts by March. It’s not required to follow these specific workouts and we encourage you to follow workouts that are best for your body and level of fitness.

If the 8-week programs aren’t for you, you can talk with our trainers one-on-one to help you make a plan.

You can find both workout plans in your Sworkit app starting January 1, 2021, and they are also in your 2021 New Year Challenge Workbook.

What should I do about my diet during this challenge?

We highly encourage all challengers to download MyFitnessPal and set up an account so you can track your meals.

MyFitnessPal also syncs with Sworkit. Tracking meals is a great way to see where you can make small changes that make a big difference.

There’s more nutritional guidance and instructions on how to set up your MyFitnessPal account in the 2021 New Year Challenge Workbook.

What is the age range that this challenge is intended for?

Our members are from all walks of life and we’re all different ages. Do you know what all of our members have in common? You find it important to improve your life right now.

It’s not about being ripped or looking incredible (although that’s great) it’s about extending your life and being able to live more comfortably and healthy. That’s why we’re all here. You can start at any age and at any time. The perfect age to start is where you are starting right now.

Our workout plans can be modified and our personal trainers are here to help you personalize your workout plan and make adjustments as needed.

What if I’m scared to start the 2021 New Year Challenge?

Don’t be scared! We’ll be there for you every step of the way. We believe in you and want you to succeed and even if you start to slip, we’ll still be there for you. There’s no need to get embarrassed or worried. This is supposed to be a fun, motivating way to get in the best shape of your life, not an added stress. If you need that extra push our coaches will be checking in regularly to help keep you motivated. Let’s push through those fears together and make 2021 an awesome year.

What is included in the 2021 New Year Challenge Workbook?

  • Get Stronger and Lose weight 8-week workout calendars
  • Nutrition 101 (Tips for eating healthy)
  • Goal Tracker Worksheet
  • Habit Tracker Worksheet
  • Community Events
  • Fitness Test Tracker Worksheet
  • Exercise Modifications
  • And more tips to help you be successful

Which program should I sign up for? Are there programs to choose from depending on my goals?

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish with Sworkit, we have provided 2 different programs: Lose Weight and Muscle Builder Programs!

Before you begin either of these workout programs, take a step back, and identify what your MAIN GOAL is with Sworkit. What are you trying to accomplish?

Are you mainly trying to lose weight? Or build muscle?

This will give you a good start on which program is right for you during the 2021 Sworkit Challenge!

Let’s dive into some of the differences between the two programs.

The Sworkit Lose-Weight program is an 8-week program that will provide fast, fun, home workouts that do not require any equipment! Get ready to burn a TON of calories with this high-intensity workout program. An incredible combination of bodyweight exercises will keep your heart rate up to burn calories and fat! This program is great if you get easily bored with the same workouts; every week is different and will help you dominate body fat.

The Trainer Steve Builder Program is an 8-week program designed to help you BUILD big, strong muscles! This program utilizes a variety of dumbbells, kettlebells, and resistance bands in order to challenge your muscles and promote muscle growth! Each week includes a challenging plyometric workout in order to improve your athleticism! Abdominal training is included in each workout to develop your core musculature. This program will help you build muscle and get stronger.

These programs are both incredible! You can’t go wrong with either of them. You will see amazing success.

Get signed up and let’s get started!

Join the challenge for a chance to win $500*

Winners be selected based on a combination of before and after photos and transformation story.
*Must be a US resident to be eligible to win