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Before & After Transformations

Fit For Life

We don’t do it for a day, a week, or a month. We do it for life. Here are a few of our SworkTeam heroes who simply work it.


Jason joined us and has entered his 50’s healthier and happier than ever before. Jason successfully has lost 38 lbs and counting. He’s down to 208 lbs from 246 lbs. Watch his interview here.

Luis David Escobar Quintana

Luis transformed his life with Sworkit. “I made a radical change in my life after I was diagnosed with diabetes. Part of the change was to start exercising and [Sworkit] helped me with this. Now I am a healthy person, diabetes is no longer in my life.” – Luis

Jeff St. Clair Before and After Transformation

Jeff St Clair

Jeff has lost 90 pounds and continues to challenge himself on his wellness journey. He loves to sworkout using Sworkit on his lunch breaks with his colleagues as a way to stay accountable. “There’ll always be a reason not to workout. The difference is when you decide to make it a priority.” – Jeff

Kaylee Cardosa

“In May of 2018, I really got into Sworkit and did the beginners workouts 30 minutes a day 5 days a week. I started seeing results just 2 weeks in and I was hooked! I now have workouts and stretches down. I have lost 13 pounds and still kickin’ it! I am so thankful and grateful for how this app really changed my mindset and health for the better!” – Kaylee

JaNae before and after

JaNae Marzell

JaNae was a heavier child who struggled to lose weight, even with frequent physical activity. After finding Sworkit and a workout partner, she lost 50 lbs in a year.

“Sworkit is a part of my everyday life as if the app is a family member. I have my eating habits, fitness goals, and of course Sworkit to thank!” – JaNae

Molly Clementz

Molly Clementz

Molly has been using Sworkit for 2.5 years and has lost over 180 lbs. She loves that she has been able to make results happen at home with no gym.



In just 23 months Sami lost 285 pounds going from 515 pounds to 230, using Sworkit to help stay in shape.

Justin Edwards

Justin Edwards

“I feel fantastic! Everyday I can wake up and workout and feel great after I finish [Sworkit]. I love how I look now and can’t wait to continue to stay healthy” – Justin