How to do Back Arm Rowing

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Difficulty: Easy

Impact Level: Normal

Target Body Parts: abs, upper back, lower back, shoulders


Sit upright with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Straighten your arms out in front of you so the hands are at eye level with your palms up. As you breathe in sit up tall and draw the shoulders down away from the ears. You are now in the start position.

As you breathe out rock back off your sitting bones and draw your naval back towards the spine. As you roll your spine towards the floor until you are resting on the back of your pelvis, bend you elbows and draw them in towards your waist. Breathe in and deepen the engagement of your abdominals as you lengthen the spine to sit up tall and extend the arms back to the start position.

How to make Back Arm Rowing easier

Place your hands behind your thighs. As you roll back use the hands to guide and control the movement, not to support your weight or pull yourself back up.

How to make Back Arm Rowing more challenging

While holding the rolled back position add on a rotation. On an inhale sweep one arm out to the side following the movement with the head, and return on an exhale. Repeat to the other side before returning to the start position.

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