How to do Camel Pose

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Difficulty: Hard

Impact Level: Normal

Target Body Parts: abs, upper back, quadriceps


Start in a kneeling position with your knees at hip width distance and your shins parallel. Rise up to a high kneeling position so your hips are above your knees and bring your hands onto your hips. Press your knees downwards into the floor activating the legs, lengthen your coccyx (tailbone) towards your heels to lengthen your lower back and pull your belly button to spine to activate your core. Keeping everything active, lift the crown of your head up to the ceiling and then start to backbend. Either keep your hands on your hips or transfer them to your heels if you can easily reach without feeling any pressure on the lower back. Hold in the pose for a few breaths, lifting your chest to the sky. Then when ready, use your belly to lift back up and sit back to kneeling.

A common mistake is to allow the back to bend at the lower spine behind the belly button. Instead put more effort into pulling your belly button to the spine so the lower back is supported and backbend from your thoracic spine, between the shoulder blades.

How to make Camel Pose easier

Keep your hands on your hips to support you for the whole duration to make it easier.

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