How to do Chest Expander

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Difficulty: Easy

Impact Level: Low

Target Body Parts: upper back, chest, shoulders


Stand up tall with your feet set at hip width. Raise your straight arms out wide to shoulder height, palms face down. Then, keeping your arms at shoulder height, bring them in, across your body until they cross over each other. From here expand your chest and open your arms back out as wide as you can. Each time you repeat the movement change which arm is on top of the other when they cross over in the middle.

How to make Chest Expander easier

For an easier option, try out Chest Expansion stretch.

How to make Chest Expander more challenging

Add some light dumbbells in your hands to amp this one up. Or if you have some resistance band material that is long enough, hold one end in each hand so that your muscles have to work harder to open your arms out wide against the elastic resistance of the band.

Once your shoulders and chest feel stronger from this exercise, move on to our Wall Push-Ups to keep challenging yourself.

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