How to do Donkey Kick (Left)

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Difficulty: Medium

Impact Level: Normal

Target Body Parts: lower back, glutes, hamstrings


Begin on the floor, in an all fours position with your knees set underneath your hips and your hands at shoulder width. Maintain a neutral back and engage your core throughout. Then, keeping a 90 degree bend in your left knee, pick it up just off the floor and lift it out behind you. The aim is to get your knee to the same height as your hips and back and your left foot set up above left right knee. Don’t over-arch your lower back to do this, keep you back in a safe neutral position.

Then lower the left knee down towards the floor under your left hip without resting it down and repeat this smooth controlled kick back movement with the left leg for the required duration.

How to make Donkey Kick (Left) easier

Build up your hip strength with our Clam Shell, Fire Hydrant and Glute Bridge exercises first

How to make Donkey Kick (Left) more challenging

Increase the complexity of this exercise by reaching the opposite arm out at the same time as kicking the leg out. Check out our Quadraplex exercise as an example.

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