How to do Double Leg Stretch

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Difficulty: Easy

Impact Level: Normal

Target Body Parts: abs, lower back, glutes, quadriceps


From the relaxed supine start position fold the legs in to the chest one at a time keeping your lower back and pelvis in neutral. The heels are together with the feet softly pointed and the knees slightly apart. Take a breath in to prepare, and as you breathe out curl the head and chest up off the mat and extend the arms forward bringing the hands to the outside of the shins. You are now in the start position for the exercise.

As you inhale, simultaneously circle the arms out bringing them behind your head as you lower the head to the mat, and straighten the legs to a 45 degree angle. The heels stay connected with the knees and toes slightly turned out.

Exhale as you circle the arms out to the side while bending the knees to draw the legs back in towards the chest, returning to the curled up start position with the hands to the outside of the shins. Complete up to 10 repetitions.

When the final rep is complete, lower the head and chest down to the mat before lower the legs one at a time while maintaining a stable spine and pelvis.

The legs should move independently of the pelvis and spine which maintain their neutral alignment throughout.

How to make Double Leg Stretch easier

If you feel the lower back arch at all as the legs extend, take the legs to a higher diagonal position to lighten the load. Or if you feel any strain in the neck, lower the head and complete the arm and leg movement with the head resting on the mat.

How to make Double Leg Stretch more challenging

The legs can be extended to a lower diagonal position to increase the load and challenge the abdominal stability more.

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