How to do Dumbbell Push-Up with Rotation

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Difficulty: Hard

Impact Level: Normal

Target Body Parts: abs, triceps, upper back, chest, shoulders


Start in a pushup position with a dumbbell in each hand. Complete a full pushup on the dumbbells. At the top of the pushup pull the right dumbbell off the ground, rotate from the core and press it straight up into a side plank. Pivot on your toes to allow yourself to rotate into the side plank. return it to the floor and repeat on the left. Avoid letting your hips pop up or sag down towards the floor.

How to make Dumbbell Push-Up with Rotation easier

To make this exercise less challenging try it with your knees on the floor for the push-up section, then lift your knees up to rotate into the side plank section.

How to make Dumbbell Push-Up with Rotation more challenging

Make this exercise more challenging by using heavier dumbbells or by increasing the number of push-ups in between each side plank rotation

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