How to do Dumbbell Renegade Row And Push-up

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Difficulty: Hard

Impact Level: Normal

Target Body Parts: triceps, biceps, upper back, chest, shoulders


Start in high plank with a hand on each dumbbell, resting on the floor at shoulder width. Set your feet up wider than your shoulders to give your more stability. Then, lower your chest in between the dumbbells and do a push up. Keep your core engaged and body rigid. Then at the top row the right dumbbell into your right side ribs and back to the floor, then repeat with the left dumbbell rowing it into your left side ribs.

How to make Dumbbell Renegade Row And Push-up easier

You can make this exercise easier, by lowering to your knees for the whole movement. Or, by lowering to your knees just for the push-up part of the exercise. You can use exercises like our Push-Up on Knees and Dumbbell Bent Over Row to build up strength in preperation for this exercise.

How to make Dumbbell Renegade Row And Push-up more challenging

To increase the intensity of this exercise you can use heavier dumbbells, have your feet closer together, or change the ratio of push ups to rows, e.g. 2 push-ups then a row on each arm.

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