How to do Fish Pose

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Difficulty: Easy

Impact Level: Low

Target Body Parts: upper back, shoulders


To start, lay on your back with your arms extended alongside the body. With your palms facing downwards tuck your hands under your thighs reaching your fingertips as far forward, towards the heels, as possible and then tuck your elbows under the body too. Activate your core by pulling your belly button to your spine. Press into your hands and forearms to start to lift your upper torso off the floor. Lift your shoulders and head as high as you can, then tilt your head back to rest the crown of your head on the floor. Keep pressing into your arms, increasing the arch of the chest throughout the duration of the pose. When you are ready to come out, press more into your arms to lift your head off the floor, tuck your chin to your chest and then slowly lower your upper torso and back of your head back to the earth. Release your hands and elbows from underneath you.

A common mistake is to rest a lot of weight into the head. Instead the arms should be pressing down to continually lift and arch your chest off the earth creating an upwards movement rather than a sinking one.

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