How to do Flamingo

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Difficulty: Easy

Impact Level: Low

Target Body Parts: upper back, hamstrings


Start off with feet shoulder width apart and hands at your side. Lift one foot of the ground and raise it to the height of your other knee. At the same time lift both hands above your head until your palms touch. Bring your hands back down to your sides and bring your foot down, then alternate with the other foot. Keep your breathing normal and it is very important to keep your back straight and head facing forward. This is an excellent exercise for building balance, strengthen your core, and opening up your chest and shoulders.

How to make Flamingo easier

This exercise can be done in a seated position without raising your foot, if you feel your balance may be compromised. Keep your upper body straight and your face forward.

How to make Flamingo more challenging

This exercise can be done by placing the standing foot on an elastic band and pulling the band with your hands. That will help to give added resistance to your exercise.

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