How to do Four Limbs Pose

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Difficulty: Easy

Impact Level: Normal

Target Body Parts: abs, triceps, upper back, chest, shoulders


Starting on your hands and knees. Pull your belly button to your spine to activate the core and make sure your hands are firmly pressing into the floor. Keeping the elbows above the wrists, come forward and down until the shoulders are in-line with the elbows and the upper arms are parallel to the floor. Have your hips in-line with the shoulders so the spine also makes a straight line parallel to the floor. Press into your hands and rise back up to the starting position.

There are several common mistakes with this pose. A normal push-up often has the chest coming to the floor between the hands with the elbows moving either backwards or outwards during the lowering phase. However, this is more of a Tricep push-up so you need to ensure you move forward quite far as you lower. Additionally, the shoulders should not go below the line of the elbows once you are in the lowered position as this puts pressure on the Rotator Cuff of the shoulder. Ensure the coccyx (tailbone) does not tilt up to the ceiling causing a big curve in the lower back as this often causes the core activation to release.

How to make Four Limbs Pose easier

To make this easier lower yourself only an inch or two and then push back up.

How to make Four Limbs Pose more challenging

Lift your knees into plank pose. Then bend the elbows and lower half way down in the same way.

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