How to do Hands And Knees Leg Raise Pulse (Right)

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Difficulty: Medium

Impact Level: Low

Target Body Parts: upper back, glutes, hamstrings


Start on hands and knees. Your hands should be flat on the floor, at shoulder width and placed just in front of your shoulders. Keep your neck in a neutral alignment, chin tucked and eyes looking down on the floor in front of you. Engage your core by drawing your belly button up in towards your spine, away from the floor. Raise your right leg straight out behind you. There should be a straight line down from the back of your head to your right heel. Rotate your right foot outward and pulse your leg up and down, using your glutes.

Don’t arch your lower back. Only lift your right leg as far as you are comfortable.

How to make Hands And Knees Leg Raise Pulse (Right) easier

Try the following to make it easier.

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