How to do Head to Knee Left

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Difficulty: Medium

Impact Level: Normal

Target Body Parts: lower back, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps


Start in a seated position with legs extended and feet together. Draw the right knee to your chest, rotate the leg at the hip to lay the knee to the floor and place the sole of the right foot as high on the left thigh as you can get it. Pull your belly button to your spine for core activation and lift your chest up to the ceiling. Pivot at the hips to fold forward reaching wherever is comfortable (left knee / left shin / left foot) with both hands. Lightly grip with the hands and gently pull yourself deeper into the forward fold. Aim to get length as well as depth by encouraging your chest to come to your left knee rather than your nose to knee. To come out, brace the belly and lift with a straight spine.

A common mistake once in the fold is to bounce to try to get deeper. Instead aim to gradually lower with each breath. Additionally it can be tempting to curve and round the spine as you go forward, which puts undue pressure on the discs of the spine, to avoid this keep your spine as straight as possible for as much of the way down as you can and ensure core is active.

How to make Head to Knee Left easier

Bend the left knee so it is pointing up to the ceiling to make it easier, especially if you have tight hamstrings.

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