How to do Kettlebell Straight Leg Reach

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Difficulty: Medium

Impact Level: Low

Target Body Parts: abs, quadriceps


Lay down on your back. Hold the kettlebell in both hands above your head, keep your back firmly pressed down against the floor. Then with your legs straight and together, lift them up off the floor and bring them up to perpendicular with the ground. Control the motion as you lower your legs back down. Remember to only lower your legs as far as you are able to with your back firmly on the ground. As soon as you feel your back lift off the ground you have gone too far.

Take care with this one if you have a history of back pain or issues, especially in your mid and upper back.

How to make Kettlebell Straight Leg Reach easier

An easier option for this exercise is Leg Lifts or try bending your knees and then raise and lower your legs.

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