How to do Laying Side Kick

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Difficulty: Easy

Impact Level: Normal

Target Body Parts: abs, glutes, quadriceps


Start lying on your right side with your head supported in your right hand, your left palm into the floor in front of your chest and both legs out straight. Lift the legs and hinge at the hips to bring them slightly in front of the line of the body and lower them back down to the floor. Your lower spine should remain in neutral.

Lift your left leg until it is at hip height. Breathe out to kick the leg forward to where you feel a stretch into your hamstring, making sure the lower back does not round. As you breathe out take the leg back behind the line of the body, using the abdominals and glutes to make sure your don’t arch the lower back. Complete up to 10 reps before repeating on the other side.

How to make Laying Side Kick easier

Make the range of movement smaller. The mobility of the hip joint will dictate how far you can kick the leg forward and back without allowing your lower back to move.

How to make Laying Side Kick more challenging

Continue straight into the other side lying leg exercises – lift and lower, leg circles.

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