How to do Low Lunge (Left Forward)

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Difficulty: Easy

Impact Level: Normal

Target Body Parts: calves, glutes, quadriceps


From a standing position bend forward from the hips, bending your knees on the way down, so that you can take your hands comfortably to the floor. Then pull your belly button to spine to activate your core. Lift your right leg and step it as far back as you can reach it. Have your hips at the same height as the front knee, your chest lifted and keep your hands on the ground. Activate the legs by pushing the both feet down into the ground. Then activate the core and step the right leg back to the start position and stand up with a straight spine.

A common mistake is to roll and curve the spine when folding forward and standing up. The spine should be kept straight by activating the core and lengthening the chest forward in front of you.

How to make Low Lunge (Left Forward) easier

Once in the low lunge you can take the back knee down to the floor to make it easier.

How to make Low Lunge (Left Forward) more challenging

To make it more challenging, try to step further back in the lunge and slow down the movement. For example take 5 seconds to smoothly step all the way back. The core has to work harder to keep the leg in the air until it comes to the floor.

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