How to do Lying Triceps Lifts

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Difficulty: Easy

Impact Level: Low

Target Body Parts: triceps, upper back, shoulders


Start lying down on your front, the lift your chest up off the floor by arching your back. At the same time activate your legs by pushing your toes into the floor and tensing your glutes.

Keep your arms in close to your sides and internally rotate them so that your knuckles are face down to the floor and your palms face upwards. Then lift your arms up towards the ceiling as high as you can, pause at the top for a second and then lower them back down to your sides and the floor. Repeat this movement for the duration of the exercise.

Make sure you keep your head in a neutral alignment with your spine, do this by keeping your chin in and looking down towards the floor.

How to make Lying Triceps Lifts easier

If you find your triceps and shoulders are too inflexible to do this exercise start off by stretching them first using our Overhead Arm Pull exercise.

How to make Lying Triceps Lifts more challenging

Once you have mastered Tricep Lifts, check out our Tricep Dips exercise.

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