How to do Pilates Roll Like A Bug

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Difficulty: Medium

Impact Level: Low

Target Body Parts: abs, lower back


Lie on the floor and lift your legs straight up and pull them apart wider than shoulder-width. Engage your core and pull your belly button in. Reach up and grab the outside of your legs, just below the calf. Your arms will be slightly bent and legs will remain straight. Pull your shoulders back and down away from your ears, engaging the muscles of the upper back. Pulling on your legs to create tension on the core, roll back onto your shoulders, then roll forward, bringing your torso off the ground and pointing your feet up to the ceiling, ensuring only your backside makes contact with the ground. Roll back onto your shoulders then repeat, using a rocking motion.

Keep your chin tucked in when rolling back onto your shoulders to avoid hitting it onto the floor. Maintain tension in the core to ensure a smooth roll.

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