How to do Plank Jacks

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Difficulty: Medium

Impact Level: High

Target Body Parts: abs, triceps, upper back, shoulders, glutes, quadriceps


Start off on your hands and knees with your hands set underneath your shoulders. Then walk your knees back out behind you, tuck your toes and pick your knees up off the floor into Plank position.

Make your body as rigid as you can from your feet to your head to keep it in a straight “plank-like” shape side on. Do this by tensing your quads to lift your knee caps up your thighs, squeezing your glutes together, bracing your core and drawing your belly button up away from the floor, whilst at the same time pressing down into the floor with your hands.

Whilst maintaining this strong plank position, jump your feet out to the sides, pause there and then jump them back in together. Keeping jumping them in and out for the duration of the exercise.

Keep your neck in a neutral position, aligned with the rest of your spine, by looking at the floor just in front of your hands.

How to make Plank Jacks easier

Make Plank Jacks easier by practising it with your knees on the floor without the jumps. Still keep a straight line through your body from your knees up to the crown of your head.

How to make Plank Jacks more challenging

Try our Mountain Climber and Swipers exercises to up the intensity.

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