How to do Side Angle Left

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Difficulty: Easy

Impact Level: Normal

Target Body Parts: abs, upper back, lower back, shoulders, calves, quadriceps


Start in a standing position Take your elbows up to shoulder height with fingers touching in the center. Jump your feet out wide ensuring the whole of your foot is firm to the ground and at the same time extend your arms until your hands are at shoulder height and your fingers reach in opposite directions with the palms down. Turn your left foot to point directly to the left hand side. Pull your belly button to your spine to active your core and gaze over your left hand. Bend your left knee until it comes over your left ankle. Activate your core and then lean from the hips to take your left hand to the floor outside the left foot. Take the right arm overhead creating a straight line from right ankle to right fingertips. Stay there for 3-5 breaths. To come out, ensure core is active and lift spine back to upright. Straighten your left leg, turn the left foot back in line with the right and jump back to center, bringing the fingertips back to center and then release your arms by your side.

A common mistake is to allow the left knee to turn inwards which puts pressure on the knee ligaments and can cause injury. To avoid this, ensure the left foot is aligned to the side of the mat and direct the left knee towards the little toe of the left foot.

How to make Side Angle Left easier

Taking the left elbow to the knee instead of taking the left hand to the floor makes this pose easier.

How to make Side Angle Left more challenging

Instead of taking the left hand to the floor, extend the left arm to be parallel with the right so both arms are outstretched on the diagonal.

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