How to do Side Circles

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Difficulty: Easy

Impact Level: Normal

Target Body Parts: abs, lower back, glutes, quadriceps


Lie on your right side with your head supported in your right hand and your legs out straight. Make sure you are not rounding or arching your spine and your hips are vertical.

Lift the left leg to hip height, breathe in to circle the leg forward and up and breathe out as the leg circles behind the line of the body and back down to hip height, before continuing through the start position to start the next circle as you breathe in. Complete 5 circles, then reverse the direction of the circle for 5 before repeating on the other side.

How to make Side Circles easier

Make the circles smaller until you can make the movement smooth and controlled with no movement in the lower back or pelvis.

How to make Side Circles more challenging

Increase the number of circles up to 10 in each direction.

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