How to do Side Sweep

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Difficulty: Easy

Impact Level: High

Target Body Parts: abs, calves, quadriceps


Before starting make sure you have enough space each side of you to jump from side to side. Then start off to one side of this space so that you have a clear flat area to your left. Stand on your right foot and sweep your left foot and arm across the front of your body, out to the right. Then let them swing back across to the left and use the momentum of this sweeping motion to leap sideways from your right foot onto your left foot. As you land on your left foot, pick up your right foot and sweep it over to the left across the front of your body along with your right arm. Sweep them back to the right as your leap back on to your right foot, returning to your start position. Keep this left right sweeping motion of the legs and arms going for the duration of the excercise.

When leaping from side to side, be sure to land with a slightly bent knee to help absorb the impact of each landing and to improve your balance. Keep a upright neutral back position during the exercise.

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