How to do Standing Mountain Climber

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Difficulty: Easy

Impact Level: High Impact

Target Body Parts: abs, calves, hip flexor, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, shoulders


Start in a standing position with your feet at hip width. Shift your weight on to your left foot and lift your right knee up to hip height. At the same time, bend your left arm at the elbow and lift it up so your left hand is about head height.

Pause here for a second, then hop from your left leg to your right leg, switch arms at the same time and lift your right knee up to hip height.

Pause again for a second and swap sides again. Keep this movement going with a pause at the top after each switch of the limbs. It should feel a little like sprinting on the spot in slow motion.

How to make Standing Mountain Climber easier

Use our March in Place and Running in Place exercises as a way to build up to this drill.

How to make Standing Mountain Climber more challenging

From here move on to floor based Mountain Climbers.

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