How to do Swan

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Difficulty: Easy

Impact Level: Normal

Target Body Parts: abs, chest, shoulders


Start lying on your front with the spine in its natural curve so you are not rounding or arching in your lower back and your weight is even through the front of your hips. This is commonly refers to as having your spine and pelvis in neutral. Legs are slightly wider than hip width and the heels are rolled in with the toes softly pointed. The hands are palm down into the mat with your elbows in to your side.

Breathe in through the nose as you begin the movement by lengthening through the spine from the crown of the head. The front of the body sequentially lifts off the mat starting with the head and moving through the breast, ribcage, abdominals and finally the front of the pelvis. As the chest lifts press down through your palms and straighten your arms. Exhale through the mouth as you bend the elbow and reverse the movement sequentially lowering the body back down into the mat.

Throughout the movement keep the abdominal connected lifting your navel away from the mat to avoid allowing the spine to hinge at the base.

How to make Swan easier

Your may need to work on your spine’s flexibility to come all the way up. Do not force the arms straight if it feels uncomfortable.

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