How to do The Hundred

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Difficulty: Medium

Impact Level: Low

Target Body Parts: abs, lower back, shoulders


From the supine rest position raise one leg at a time so the knees are over the hips and slightly apart, the heels are connected and level with your knees. On an exhale curl the head and chest up off the mat and lift the arms in line with the hip bones, make sure you do not flatten the lower back into the floor but maintain your neutral spine and pelvis. You are now in the start position for the exercise.

Begin to beat the arms breathing in through the nose for 5 beats and exhaling for 5. Complete 10 breaths so the total number of beats is 100. Ensure that your spine and pelvis remain in neutral throughout.

When you’ve completed 100 beats stay curled up as you bring the knees in to the chest before lowering the head back down to the mat.

How to make The Hundred easier

If you start to feel any strain in the neck you can lower the head to the mat and while you build up your abdominal strength with some of the regression options. Or if you feel any strain in your lower back you can place the feet back down into the mat

How to make The Hundred more challenging

Extending the legs away to a 45 degree angle will increase load supported by the abdominals. If you can comfortably maintain your neutral spine and pelvis you can slowly raise and lower the legs as you pulse the arms.

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