How to do Twist Left

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Difficulty: Easy

Impact Level: Normal

Target Body Parts: lower back, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps


Start in a seated position with legs extended and feet together. Draw the left knee to your chest and place the left foot outside of the right knee. Pull your belly button to your spine for core activation and lift your chest up to the ceiling. Take your right arm on the outside of the left knee and pivot your gaze backwards. Keep activating your core and lifting your chest to the ceiling as you slowly rotate deeper into the twist. Press the right arm into the left knee and push the left knee back into the right arm to twist further. To come out release the arm from the twist and re-extend the left leg.

A common mistake is to allow the core to release and the spine to curve in a relaxed position. Instead ensure the core is active and that you are lifting your chest to the ceiling to straighten out the spine.

How to make Twist Left easier

Instead of taking the right arm outside of the left knee, use the right arm to hug around the left knee to lessen the depth of the twist.

How to make Twist Left more challenging

Before taking the twist, lean to the right hand side so you can bend the right leg with the right heel coming towards the left hip. Come back to upright and make sure both hips are squarely to the floor. Then continue with the arm over the leg into the twist.

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