Beginner (or Absolute Beginner)

Activity Level: 0 - 1 day a week

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Welcome to the first day of your #FitForLife journey
We’re here for you every step of the way

Getting Started With Sworkit as a Beginner

Do you want a “done for me” fitness plan to follow?


We’ve got you covered!

Decide what goal you’d like to work on first:

Get Leaner: Lose that fat

Get Fitter: Tone up and improve your endurance

Get Stronger: Increase your overall strength

We’ll recommend a pre-created workout plan in your selected goal category

And that’s it; you’re ready to get to Swork! Plan workouts are three (3) days a week for six (6) weeks. On your “in-between” days, add Sworkit stretch or yoga workouts or your favorite LISS activity (like going for a walk or hike) to your routine.


A do it yourself’er? Got it.

Sworkit makes it simple to customize your own workouts:

Choose from over 300 individual exercises in our Exercise Library to create your custom workouts.

Head to the homepage of your Sworkit app and browse our selection of workouts collections.

Enjoy a Monthly Challenge, Kettlebell, Focused Toning, or other Sworkout.

Have you created your fitness regimen?


Great swork! As you know, a regimen is super helpful in making fitness a habit.


No worries, Sworkit makes it simple for you to create a fitness regimen.

Decide how often you’re going to work out (we recommend at least three days a week).

Set a reminder for yourself in your Sworkit app.

Have a backup plan already in place when “life happens”. For example, “If I can’t workout at my scheduled time, I will__” or “If I can’t workout in my normal place I will__”.

Do you struggle making fitness a habit?


Totally understandable.

Here is the most important question you need to ask yourself along with the top three tips to help you make fitness a habit:

Number one question to ask yourself:

Can I do this for life?

Top three tips to make fitness a habit:

  1. Have a plan – Decide when and where you’re going to workout and how often.
  2. Establish accountability – Find someone or some way to hold yourself accountable to your goals. Maybe that’s a public pledge, a friend, or a community.
  3. Make it doable – Wherever you are in your journey, only do what you can consistently maintain until you get to your next milestone.


Awesome! At Sworkit, we’re all about making fitness a habit.

Our philosophy is this: you don’t need fad diets or a crazy fitness schedule. You need one thing and one thing only – consistency.