6 Reasons to Celebrate International Yoga Day

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International Yoga Day is June 21 and our fitness community is ready to celebrate the benefits of mindfulness. Kicking off summer with a focus on centering our bodies gets us ready for the adventures ahead. Yoga has a myriad of benefits from strength building to stress relief. Restorative Yoga and nerve flossing offer excellent physical therapy assistance while Vinyasa — or “flow” — Yoga is a favorite among cardio exercises.

Whether you’re looking to start Yoga with the guidance of your favorite fitness app or you’d like to improve your flow and learn alongside a virtual community of fitness enthusiasts, June is the perfect time to focus on movement. Start by exploring these six benefits as part of a wellness-driven lifestyle.

1.) Improve Flexibility and Joint Health

Yoga is one of the best activities for joint health and mobility. Each pose involves engaging core muscles throughout the body, which promotes healthy blood circulation and improved joint strength. Flexibility is especially important for cross-training with other activities as Yoga improves form and posture for better results in all areas of our active lifestyle.

2.) Promote Family Fitness

Looking for a fun family fitness activity? Pack a lunch and head to your local park with your favorite workout app. Yoga brings the whole family together with kid-friendly workouts that don’t require equipment or a gym membership. It can be an individual exercise or a group activity to promote mindfulness together as a family.

3.) Use Yoga to Gain Strength

Celebrate strength this month and beyond! If you’re looking for no-equipment strength-building exercises, Yoga is at the top of the list. Mastering and holding each pose engages your core and activates each muscle involved in the flow. Yoga centers on consistency rather than high-intensity strength building, making this fitness routine the perfect alternative or complement to HIIT exercises.

Looking for inspiration to get started? Hop on Sworkit and try Power Yoga for Leg Strength or Power Yoga for Core & Back Strength.

4.) Support Healthy Aging

One of the best ways to invest in your future is by sticking to healthy habits now. Yoga promotes lifelong wellness and supports healthy aging through improved mobility, chronic pain management, improved cardiovascular health and circulation, and even memory retention. Did you know that studies indicate Yoga can actually improve sleep quality and focus as we age?  Getting into the flow is one of the best exercises to do at home for active adults of all ages.

5.) Build Better Balance and Prevent Injury

Injury prevention is key to maintaining an active lifestyle. This ancient fitness approach promotes balance, which levels up coordination for other fitness routines as well. Better still, it offers a low-impact, joint-friendly way to strength train. If you’re recovering from a recent injury or simply being mindful of gentle ways to exercise, it provides an excellent addition to your active lifestyle.

6.) Gain Peace and Happiness Through Yoga

Take control of your inner peace and reduce stress through mindfulness. Yoga has been shown to lift one’s mood, especially with consistent routines over time. It helps us center our spirits and focus on self-care. Not every workout needs to be difficult. Many flows are designed for beginners who are looking to implement mindfulness in their daily routines.

Start prioritizing mental wellness with Yin & Yang Harmony Flow.

Breathe in, breathe out, and celebrate this timeless fitness philosophy with the Sworkit community on June 21. Our virtual fitness app has everything you need to get into the flow.

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