How to do Corkscrew

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Difficulty: Easy

Impact Level: Normal

Target Body Parts: abs, lower back, quadriceps


Lie on you back with your legs pointing up to the ceiling directly over your pelvis. Rotate the legs slightly into Pilates Stance with connected heels and toes apart. Open your arms on the floor to a 45 degree angle. Breathe in to prepare to move.

Breathe out as you lower both legs to the right, breathe in to circle the legs down away from you, across to the left and back to the start position. The lower spine and pelvis rotate but do not allow the pelvis to tilt away from you or the lower spine to extend into an arch. Reverse the direction and complete 5 reps each way.

How to make Corkscrew easier

Having the arms behind the head holding on to something solid will provide stability when you first try the exercise.

Start with a small circle and increase the range as you develop your strength and control of your centre.

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