How to do Rollover

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Difficulty: Hard

Impact Level: Normal

Target Body Parts: abs, triceps, upper back, lower back, shoulders, quadriceps


From the supine rest position bring the knees in to the chest one at a time and extend both legs up to the ceiling. Lower the legs towards the mat, do not lower them past the point that you are able to maintain a neutral spine and pelvis.

Breathe in to raise the legs back towards the ceiling. As they pass vertical breathe out and roll the pelvis and spine up off the mat initiating the lift from your centre. Draw the legs over the torso until the are parallel to the floor. Breathe in to open the legs to shoulder width and close. Then breathe out to control the lower of the spine and pelvis back their neutral alignment and continue to lower the legs to your starting height. Complete up to 10 reps.

How to make Rollover easier

To begin with try having the knees slightly bent if that is more comfortable. You could also use a folded towel under your pelvis to give yourself assistance starting the movement until you’ve developed you core strength.

How to make Rollover more challenging

As your strength and flexibility improves you can progress to taking the feet all the way to the floor behind your head as long as there is no strain on the neck.

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