How to do Hand-to-Hand Kettlebell Swing

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Difficulty: Hard

Impact Level: Low

Target Body Parts: abs, upper back, shoulders, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps


Start with the kettlebell in one hand, this will be your starting position. Begin the movement by driving your hips back and swinging it between your legs, keeping your chest up. Thrust your hips forward and using your arm like a pendulum, swing the kettlebell forward. When the kettlebell is at shoulder height, reach out and switch hands. Try to control the kettlebell back down. Make sure to create the momentum of the swing with the quick movements of your hips.

How to make Hand-to-Hand Kettlebell Swing easier

Kettlebell 2-Arm Swing or basic Squat would help you work up to this exercise. Check out our Squat exercise or our Kettlebell 2-Arm Swing for more info.

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