How to do Teaser

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Difficulty: Hard

Impact Level: Normal

Target Body Parts: abs, quadriceps


Lie on your back with legs out straight, your heels connected and feet softly pointed. Take your arms back behind your head with your palms facing up without losing your neutral spine.

Begin to raise your arms as you breathe in, as the arms go past vertical raise the head and curl the spine up off the mat while simultaneously lifting both legs. Your body should be in a V position with the arms parallel to the legs. Breathe out as you lower the legs and roll your spine back down to the floor with control, taking the arms back behind the head into the start position. Complete up to 10 repetitions.

How to make Teaser easier

Try starting sitting up with the legs together and knees bent, and the arms straight out in front. Keeping the knees bent, breathe out to roll the spine back down to the floor and breathe in to come back up. Once this is comfortable try the same movement with one leg straight keeping the knees together, and then switch the extended leg.

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