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June 8 is Family Health and Fitness Day, and there’s no time like the beginning of summer to think about the importance of taking the time to have some fun in the sun with your children. With obesity and the many health concerns that can accompany it on the rise, finding fun and creative ways to help your children learn to enjoy and eventually prioritize staying active from an early age is more important than ever. Sworkit’s wide selection of family-friendly workouts includes many that were designed with the unique needs and capabilities of children in specific age groups in mind. These workouts can be a helpful starting point for getting your children moving on Family Health and Fitness Day and throughout the year. 

What Is Family Health and Fitness Day? 

Family Health and Fitness Day is the National Recreation and Park Association’s campaign for getting kids outside during the first weeks of summer. Many children naturally gravitate toward their devices as soon as the school year ends, which means that creating a routine of frequently spending time outside as early as possible can play a key role in starting your summer off right. While Family Health and Fitness Day’s primary focus is enjoying your local parks, staying active in your backyard or even indoors when the weather is not cooperating can be just as beneficial!

Setting a Healthy Example for Your Children 

Many children naturally pick up habits they see in their parents, even when you do not want them to. It should come as no surprise that your children want to spend the majority of their free time watching TV or on their phones if they see you doing the same thing, which means that being intentional about modeling the lifestyle you want your children to emulate plays an essential role in surrounding your children with healthy habits that need to be observed before they can be developed. While no one expects you to become a fitness enthusiast overnight, even small changes can go a long way toward instilling an appreciation for the benefits of regular physical activity in your children that will encourage them to make healthy choices throughout their lives. 

Staying Active as a Family 

Family Health and Fitness Day prioritizes spending time in parks and similar settings, which means that almost any type of physical activity can be an excellent choice to get your family moving! Some of the most enjoyable family-friendly options include: 

  • Going for bike rides around your community 
  • Playing backyard soccer, basketball, or similar games with friends 
  • Going to a local pool 
  • Rollerblading 
  • Attending family-friendly yoga or other fitness classes
  • Visiting a state or national park 

Sworkit Health’s kid-friendly workouts provide even more options for adding a unique spin your children have probably never tried before to your selection. Bringing our app to your porch or backyard can help you soak up even more sunshine, and we can also be a convenient indoor alternative on rainy days. Some of our top choices for specific age groups include: 

Choose Sworkit Health To Build Stronger, Healthier Families 

At Sworkit Health, we are here to make it easier than ever to find unique and enjoyable ways for children of any age (and their parents!)  to stay active during the summer and throughout the year. Our convenient workouts were designed with flexibility in mind, and you and your children can enjoy them at home, in your favorite park, on vacation, or almost anywhere else you find yourselves this summer. Browse our website to learn more about our kids’ workouts and how you can incorporate them into your family’s summer routine, especially on Family Health and Fitness Day!

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