5 Healthy Mind Shifts

Rynnie Cotter

What you do and how you feel comes largely from what you think. Simple examples include, sometimes you wouldn’t feel sad if you didn’t think you had lost something. Or, you wouldn’t watch a movie if you didn’t think it was going to be a good movie to watch. However, it’s not always that simple, and thinking differently about something often takes time. Explore these five healthy mind shifts for lifestyle changes that last.

You Have a Diet

Every day, you have a diet. Your diet doesn’t start or stop when you eat something healthy or unhealthy. It won’t start this week or stop in six weeks.

You never go “on” a diet because your diet is always there. Your diet is comprised of what you eat, and wherever you go or whatever you do – your diet is still your diet.

Whether your diet has been healthy or not is important, but even more important is whether or not your diet is healthy now. In order to improve your diet, you could, for example, eat foods with more fiber content or eat fewer processed foods.

Having a healthy diet involves those two keys:

  • Increasing healthy food intake
  • Decreasing unhealthy food intake

When you do these two things, along with the mind shift of realizing “you have a diet,” things like feeling better and losing weight often happen naturally. If you don’t see and feel the results you want over time, continue to make healthy diet changes by increasing and decreasing, such as increasing lean protein intake or decreasing daily calorie consumption. Eventually, you will have a healthy diet that works for your healthy lifestyle.

You’re Kind to Yourself

Remember a thought or series of thoughts you had where you were being kind to yourself. When are you kindest to yourself? What are you kindest to yourself about?

The reality is that most people beat themselves up over big things and little things they’ve done wrong or not accomplished. When you beat yourself up, you don’t leave yourself room for healing and improvement.

By identifying how you’re already kind to yourself, you can build upon those thoughts to be kinder to yourself more often. When you’re kind to yourself, you leave yourself room to feel better and do better.

You Motivate Yourself

Similar to being kind to yourself, there are ways that you already motivate yourself. Explore your thoughts and experiences until you have a good understanding of your mental motivators. Once you understand them, you can build upon them to motivate yourself more.

You Exercise

You may not exercise as much as you want or how you want, but you exercise. Every time you walk or pick something up, you’re exercising your body through movement. Your exercise doesn’t have to stop there. You have opportunities throughout the day to stretch, walk a little more, and increase your heart rate, such as by going up stairs quicker.

View your body as yours. Regardless of your fitness level, how can you make your body do more for you? If you get out of breath going up stairs, keep doing it until your fitness level increases and going up stairs quickly becomes easy. Even if you have an injury or physical condition that prevents you from getting stronger in one area of fitness, you can focus on getting stronger in another.

As you increase your overall activity and body movement, you’ll have the energy to complete regular workouts. Working out from home with Sworkit is an excellent way to mind shift into feeling confident that you not only exercise, but you enjoy exercising regularly!

You’re Moving Forward

No matter what your diet and exercise consisted of ten years ago or a year ago, you’re moving forward now! Learn more about Sworkit and try the app free for 7 days. It’s an awesome way to move and keep moving forward with your mind shift toward a healthy lifestyle.

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