5 Fun (and Active!) After-School Activities for Busy Kids

Rynnie Cotter

At this point, the only thing certain about the 2020-2021 school year is that it will look different from years gone by. From how students attend classes to their after-school activities, every aspect of the school year is going to be different from what we’re used to.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Though we’re comfortable in our habits, moments such as our current one can shake us out of routines we’ve never questioned, pushing us to innovate in ways we never would have imagined otherwise.

In other words, welcome to the 2020 pivot!

The 2020 Pivot

The thing about pivots is that their effects are all-encompassing. 

In a literal sense, when you pivot your body, more than just your physical form is affected. A physical twist leads to a perspective change as well, and that perspective change influences what you do next.

As we approach this very new and different academic year, the same thing will happen with our kids.

Because their school year will be different, their after-school activities will look a bit different as well.

And that’s okay.

5 Active After-School Activities for Students

With indoor group sports likely shelved for the time being and outdoor organized sports similarly in question in many places, some parents are scrambling to keep their kids active and engaged during the afternoon hours.

Here are a few fun and active options we came up with to get kids outdoors and keep them moving.

Young girl flying kite as an after-school activity

1.  Fly kites

Kite-flying has been around for thousands of years, with many generations across cultures enjoying this outdoor pastime. Flying a kite has been shown to increase physical activity, reduce stress, and promote flexibility.

Plus, it’s fun! It should definitely be on your list of options.

2. Go on photo scavenger hunts

Depending on the ages and maturity levels of the kids, a photo scavenger hunt around the neighborhood or at a local park could be the perfect after-school activity to get them outside and keep them moving. 

To keep their heart rates up, be sure to give them a time limit!

Whether you give your kids a list of local flora and fauna to photograph, or simply give them a list of themes and let them decide what items best fulfill the requirements, an outdoor photo scavenger hunt is a fun and innovative way to help kids enjoy some fresh air and feel more connected to the world around them.

3. Host an impromptu dance party

All you need is a Bluetooth speaker, a good playlist, and some wide-open spaces to turn any open space into your personal dance floor.

Press play, turn up the volume, and let loose with your most impressive dance moves!

Be sure to have some water or your favorite beverage on hand to keep everybody well-hydrated. Dancing can be hard work, and if you do it right, you’ll complete a cardio workout without even knowing it.  

Young boys and girls playing hide and seek in park as an after school activity, with boy leaning on tree

4. Play outdoor hide-and-seek

Indoors, hide-and-seek feels like a game for little kids.  Outside, hide-and-seek morphs into an adventure. Given the right age and maturity levels of the children (not to mention a safe and relatively hazard-free environment), this could easily become a new favorite afternoon activity.  

Add a home base to which kids can run and be safe to introduce some cardio into the mix. 

Just be sure your home base is in an open area with a simple and obstacle-free straightaway. We don’t need kids leaping stone walls and jumping over creeks in their final, flat-out dash for freedom!

 5. Crush a backyard workout 

Backyard workouts provide a fun and safe environment for kids to keep active and take in some Vitamin D at the same time. After a day of working inside, getting outdoors for some fresh air and sunshine is just what your kids (and you) need for a natural energy boost.

Our free Sworkit Kids Workouts are a great place to get started. Be sure to check out our Sworkit Youth Initiative to learn more about our commitment to keeping kids strong and healthy.

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