All the Pros of Investing in Wearable Technology

Ryan Hanna

Technology has made drastic progress in the last decade. From changing how we order food to helping us book hotels, buy clothes, and connect with loved ones, it’s become more than a trend or convenience. Today, technology has become a crucial part of our daily lives. You can even use wearable technology to do things like monitor your health and keep track of your workout goals. What we may consider to be small improvements and benefits to our day-to-day functions has actually become an incredible asset to our daily lives.

With that being said, what all can wearable technology do for you?

It keeps track of your workout data.

One of the many things wearable technology offers is data tracking. Whether you’re preparing to compete in a marathon, want to up your fitness goals for the new year, or are simply trying to better understand how you can maintain your personal health, wearable technology can keep up with everything you want and need to know. By analyzing real-time data, your wearable gadget can monitor things such as your heart rate, distance ran (or walked), blood pressure, sleep patterns, and a surplus of other things.

Through analyzing and tracking daily patterns, you can adjust your workout regime as needed. Another great feature is that most wearable technology uses data tracking to alert you if your heart rate increases to a dangerous level. 

It helps you communicate with yourself and others.

While data tracking can assist your personal coaches and trainers with creating a workout routine specific to your desires and needs, it can also challenge you to take full control of your workout goals. The data collected is great for self-communication and understanding how your body reacts to certain workouts. Wearable technology also assists in making it easy to recognize your strengths, customize routines, and work harder to meet your fitness goals.

You can also use wearable technology as a communication outlet. Contact help at the click of a button in times of distress, set challenges and goals with friends, and boost your workout routine through specialized training. Many apps are compatible with wearable tech and are designed to connect you with personal friends and other app users to boost morale and create challenges within your active schedule.

What wearable technology is best for me?

There are also a ton of non-fitness related benefits that come with wearable technology, such as:

  • GPS tracking – this can help when it comes to safety
  • Hands-free interaction – you may not need to remove your phone from your pocket
  • Quick view of alerts and text messages – decide what’s important and what you can ignore with a quick glance
  • Easy connectivity to smart devices – pair all your devices
  • Potential increase in productivity – set goals and stick to them!

And the list goes on! The hardest part of investing in wearable technology is deciding which option is best for you. There are a variety of gadgets out there to sort through, but the most well-known products are Apple Watches and Fitbits. Both products offer great features, but here’s what you need to know.

  • Apple offers more compatibility with functions and features such as Siri and integration with apps. If you’re already using an iPhone, an Apple Watch will likely be more compatible with your other devices.
  • Fitbit was designed with health in mind and is constantly improving things such as electrodermal activity that helps monitor stress levels and abnormal increases in your heart rate. 

While there are a ton of comparisons between both brands, they each have their own uniquely designed features to deeply integrate wearable technology into our daily lives. If you decide to go with an Apple product and need help syncing your Apple Watch with the Sworkit app, look no further. Our team of experts is constantly working to bring you the latest and most beneficial exercise routines while adjusting our own features to seamlessly work with your wearable technology. 

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