6 Benefits of Having a Workout Partner

Rynnie Cotter

Exercise doesn’t have to be a drag. What if you could tone your body, push yourself harder, and stay consistent? Sounds like a dream, right? But it can be a reality if you link up with a workout partner and exercise together using the Sworkit Live Player. On top of virtually hanging with your friend and having a good time, you’ll burn calories and start crushing your fitness goals.

Choose your partner accordingly

It may seem like a good idea to choose your best pal and do a workout together, but there’s a bit more to consider. Before you pick your workout partner, think about this:

  • Do they have the same goals as me?
  • What about a similar schedule? When will we work out? How often?
  • Are they truly committed? What if they can’t make a workout? How will I react?
  • Will they help push me? How can I help them achieve their goals?

Besides your obvious circle of friends, there might be a coworker or neighbor that has the same level of commitment as you do. Maybe it’s another person you’ve met at a gym, in an online fitness community, or even a family member. To achieve all the benefits of a workout partner, finding the right one is your first priority.

Let’s talk benefits

So you found your workout partner, and you’re both ready to go — what benefits can you both look forward to?

1. You’ll work harder.

With a fitness buddy working out with you, you’ll want to push yourself as hard as (or harder than) they are. Humans are naturally competitive, so if you see your pal busting out one more rep, you’ll strive to do the same.

2. You’ll stay consistent.

It’s easy to quit an exercise routine when there’s no one counting on you. If you have a workout buddy that’s agreed to meet you on a hiking trail, in the gym, or on Sworkit Live you’re more likely to keep that appointment.

3. You’ll have an enjoyable workout.

If you’ve dreaded working out in the past, exercising with a friend will open up a whole new world. You’ll find that time flies by, and you might even work out longer than you thought possible. That’s because interacting with friends is fun! Combining the two seems like a no-brainer. You might even wonder why you didn’t do this earlier.

4. You’ll try something new.

If you’ve been afraid of starting a new workout routine, doing it with someone else might ease your anxiety about trying new adventures. When you have a pal next to you, it won’t be as embarrassing if you mess up or need a break. Trying something different might even lead you to a new favorite exercise or activity.

5. You’ll end up crushing your goals.

Remember how friends make you stay more consistent, and you’ll find exercise more enjoyable? Well, if you keep at it week after week, you’ll find yourself improving — whether it’s getting stronger or increasing your endurance. Hitting those goals is way easier when you’re consistently working out.

6. You’ll improve your overall mental health.

The past year has been tough. With gyms shut down and much of the world coming to a halt, it was hard on everyone. But feeling lonely is as detrimental as smoking a pack of cigarettes. Exercise improves your mood, so even if your gym is still shut down or you feel more comfortable working out from home, you can meet up with a fitness buddy virtually and do virtual workouts together. Sweating with your workout buddy will boost your spirit and leave you feeling less stressed.

If you’re looking for a way to safely workout with a partner, check out the Sworkit Live Player. With the Sworkit Live Player, you get all the usual benefits of the Sworkit app except with an added bonus — you can workout with your friends and family in real-time!

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