Sworkit Spotlight: Madhu

Leanna Olbinsky

Meet Madhu! Madhu is our Sworkit Spotlight who has completed a marathon and enjoys Sworking out. He likes to work with our trainers to create custom workouts and as you can see, he mixes it up from yoga to stretching to small equipment workouts – all from his home! You go, Madhu!

What motivates you to maintain your fitness habit?

Fitness keeps my body and brain active. It also helps in reducing stress and controlling my hypertension.

What are your key tips on how to lead a healthy life?

  1. Consistency is the key. Do workouts regularly even if it is for 15-20 minutes. Be yourself.
  2. Plan your workouts and diet according to your needs and goals.
  3. Don’t follow social media tips/plans on diet or exercise blindly. One size doesn’t fit for all.

What’s your daily or weekly workout regimen look like?

I run 3-4 days a week and 2-3 days strength training using SWORKIT. But with the recent COVID-19 lockdown, Sworkit became part of my daily routine.

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