Healthy 15-Minute Family-Friendly Meals

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“What’s for dinner?” can be a daunting question after a jam-packed day. You know you need to make better choices and get more veggies into your diet. But when dinnertime comes around and you need a quick meal, it can be easy to make unhealthy choices. The misconception that healthy cooking is difficult for pleasing picky eaters or time-intensive can have you ordering out more than you would like. However, preparing wholesome family-friendly meals is easier than you think. Don’t let cooking add to the stress of your day. The next time you’re stuck on dinner ideas try one of these 15-minute recipes. 

African American mother and daughter look at tablet and prepare to make dinner with vegetables on a cutting board in front of them.

Veggie Lovers Flatbread Pizza

Nothing says “family-friendly meals” quite like pizza night! Take pizza night to the next level with this healthy flatbread recipe from @cottercrunch. Kids and adults alike will love choosing their favorite veggie toppings to build their custom creations. The best thing about this recipe is that you’ll have a nutritious family-friendly meal in approximately 15 minutes. It would take the pizza delivery driver longer than that!

10-minute Spicy Ghee Shrimp

This delicious shrimp recipe from @maryswholelife has your seafood cravings covered. For those of you who live near the coast, opt for fresh shrimp for a quick and easy meal that’s super fresh. Don’t let the word spicy fool you with this ideal family-friendly meal. You can easily adjust the amount of red pepper flakes for a dish with less heat that’s still packed full of flavor. With this simple 10-minute recipe, you never have to stress about cooking again

6 Layer Loaded Taco Cups

Did someone say “tacos?” Count us in! Whether it’s Taco Tuesday or you just need a quick meal idea, these six layers of goodness will delight the entire family. This recipe from @thewholescoopblog will feed a hungry household in 15 minutes or less. These taco cups not only taste and look great, but they also make a healthy meal without a lot of effort. 

Mother and daughter having fun with the vegetables in the kitchen.

Pesto Pasta

Getting your kids to eat their greens just got a little easier, with this recipe from @theplentifulchef. Pesto Pasta is a simple weeknight meal that is full of nutritional value and isn’t lacking in flavor. This all green dish is ready in approximately 15 minutes, which gives you time to relax after a busy day. 

Instant Pot Orange Chicken 

Instant Pots, the well-loved multifunctional electric cookers, make cooking dinner much easier. One of our favorite healthy Instant Pot meals is the Orange Chicken from @melissas_healthykitchen. It is certain to impress the entire family in under 20 minutes. 

Whole30 Unstuffed Pepper Skillet 

Enjoy the same great flavors of stuffed peppers without dirtying up extra dishes. This healthy one-skillet meal from @maryswholelife makes cooking dinner a breeze. From prep to table in less time than it would take to have food delivered to your doorstep. You can almost guarantee that your family will be asking for these unstuffed peppers again. 

Falafel Bowls 

This Mediterranean bowls recipe from @theroastedchickpea is a quick and easy meal idea. We love how this family-friendly meal includes lots of fresh and roasted veggies while incorporating a few store-bought components to save time. It’s not always possible to prepare everything fresh in 15-minutes, so using wisely picked store-bought ingredients can make cooking meals a little less time-consuming. Using a mix of fresh and carefully picked pre-packaged items make falafel bowls a healthy dinner that the family will love. 

Cooking healthy doesn’t always mean spending a lot of time in the kitchen. These healthy 15-minute family-friendly meals from some of our favorite food bloggers always help us when we’re stuck on dinner ideas. For even more quick and easy family meals, check out Sworkit on Instagram

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