How to do Standing Side Crunch

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Difficulty: Easy

Impact Level: Low

Target Body Parts: abs, lower back


From a standing position with your feet at shoulder width and a tall neutral spine, place your arms down by your sides.

Then lean over to one side, without bending forwards or leaning back, to reach your finger tips as far down the side of the leg you are leaning towards. Activate your side body muscles on the side you are leaning towards to help compress you on that side so you can reach further down the leg. These muscles are your obliques, QL plus abs and erectors.

Return back to an upright position and then repeat by leaning to the other side. Continue side to side for the required duration of the exercise.

How to make Standing Side Crunch easier

Build up to this with our low impact Elbow to Knee and Side Bend exercises.

How to make Standing Side Crunch more challenging

Once you can do this standing move on to our Side Bench on Floor and Twisting Crunches exercises.

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