How to do V Sit-up

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Difficulty: Hard

Impact Level: Normal

Target Body Parts: abs


Lay down on your back with your arms reaching out over your head and your legs stretched out on the floor. We also recommend having some padding like an exercise mat between your hips and the floor.

Using your abs, hip-flexors and quads, start the movement by simultaneously lift your legs and upper body up from the floor, hinging at the hips, to make a V-shape with your side profile. As you lift your upper body, bring your arms from over your head through to touch the floor by your hips when you get to the top of your V position. Sit up as tall as you can to avoid rounding through your back whilst doing this exercise.

From the top of the V position, lower your legs and upper body back to the floor at the same time as taking your arms back over your head to return to the start position.

How to make V Sit-up easier

You can vary the intensity of this exercise by how straight you keep your legs and how upright your raise your upper body. To reduce the intensity of the exercise, bend your legs in at the knees so that your heals are closer to your hips.

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