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3 Simple Ways To Celebrate Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

Rynnie Cotter

Have you developed your company’s fitness and wellness program, or are in the process of creating one? If you haven’t, now is a great time to kick-start a wellness program for your employees. Whether or not an employee wellness program already exists, consider celebrating Global Employee Health and Fitness Month which aims to improve the health of the global workforce.

Each May, employers and employees come together to promote health and fitness in the workplace. Some helpful programs and initiatives have been developed to help the global workforce lead a healthy life.

But, how can we celebrate the Global Employee Health and Fitness Month in style?

This article explores three simple ways to celebrate Employee Health and Fitness Month and keep the momentum going all year long. 

Read on to get helpful insights for your team.  

How To Celebrate Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

Most employers have developed initiatives and helpful programs that encourage employees to participate in fitness campaigns or movement activities. Various wellness and fitness programs are available so employers can harness existing plans to help employees lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Wellness programs are known to reduce illness and injury and reduce overall health care costs. Employers with wellness programs tend to have healthy and more productive employees. 

Here are three ways to celebrate the health and fitness month in style:

Create a Global Movement Challenge With a Shared Goal 

Creating a shared goal not only boosts employees’ engagement but also enhances collaboration and teamwork. Sworkit Health makes it easy for all employees to contribute to reaching the goal. For example, our company goal is to reach 10,000,000 steps together! Upon reaching the goal, the company will donate $1,000 to the American Heart Association. Sworkit helps companies and organizations create a more socially connected workforce while improving staff engagement. 

Offer Resources and Support in a Variety of Languages

One size doesn’t fit all. That’s why Sworkit Health is determined to support your global workforce using their preferred language. Sworkit offers 14+ languages, including English, Spanish (LATAM), Spanish (ES), Portuguese, French, Italian, Hungarian, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Hindi, German, Turkish, Korean, and Russian, with more languages coming soon! 

Host a Variety of Virtual Sessions for All To Join

Sessions can range from informative learning periods led by topic experts to active workout routines. You may also take employees through physical activities that can be done right in the office. 

Encouraging employees to take breaks from work or take walks is a sure way to improve their overall health. Let them also appreciate the importance of taking the stairs to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Let employees learn about various desk exercises such as the wall sit, office chair dip, desk push-ups, and bicep curls which are great workouts at the workplace. You may also encourage employees to take walking meetings in groups and record the number of meetings they hold daily.

Making the right food choices isn’t always easy, so you can host virtual sessions that encourage employees to embrace healthy eating habits and consider eating foods that fuel body fitness. Promote exercises such as deep breathing and stretching since they help reduce Stress.    

While exercises are a great way to promote fitness, practicing gratitude helps promote mental health. Encouraging employees to practice gratitude at the workplace creates a positive mindset that enhances productivity. 

Achieve Health and Fitness Anywhere, Anytime With Sworkit Health  

At Sworkit Health, we understand the importance of health and fitness in the workplace. We are passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals regardless of your schedule. That’s why we have designed helpful programs to help you stay in shape wherever you are. Our guided workouts can be accomplished anywhere, anytime. Get our fitness app today and complement your fitness program with personalized fitness care. 

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