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Get Your Team Moving with Workplace Wellness Challenges

Ryan Hanna

For decades, employers have been looking for the best ways to boost employee well-being. We know that physical activity plays a large role when it comes to an individual’s overall health. We also know that seated jobs can reduce a person’s fitness. Responsible employers often seek to counter-balance that effect with healthful workplace wellness benefits programs and offerings, including fitness.

It’s important to find an employee wellness solution that will engage the whole team, without favoring those who are already physically more fit and active than their coworkers. But how do you engage a team that includes a wide range of health, mobility, and motivation?

The answer is personalized friendly competition, through workplace wellness challenges. Physical fitness is always more fun when there’s a goal to meet and someone else to meet it with. Whether you’re facing an opposing team or running alongside on a track, we always strive a little harder (at any level of exertion) when there’s a friend or co-worker to compete with. On average, employee engagement increases by 25 percent when running an active corporate challenge with Sworkit.

The Benefits of an Active Team

Physical fitness benefits everyone the same way, no matter what your baseline health. Everyone thinks sharper and sleeps deeper when they do 30+ minutes of cardio during the day. We all feel more energetic after establishing a regular exercise routine and building a daily fitness habit. Each improved level of health also opens doors to greater progress. An active team becomes more capable and energetic team members. 

Engaging your team in activity challenges can be highly beneficial – as long as those challenges are personalized and supportive. When everyone becomes more active, each team member can individually boost their energy and level of health.

The Motivation Behind Small Team Competitions

People like to join competitions that they have a chance of winning. It’s been found that people compete more avidly in a competition of 10 competitors than 100. Likewise, it can be difficult for an athletic challenge not to favor those who are already athletic. Most teams enjoy competitions where anyone could win, like employee of the month. Sworkit provides guidance to help employers create challenges that will meet the needs of their team members and promote employee engagement.

The key is to keep the competition small and personalized. Small groups make it possible to visualize what it would take to win. Personalization can be used to keep the competition fair in teams with a wide range of fitness starting points.

Personalize Your Workplace Fitness Challenges

How do you personalize a fitness challenge for fairness? The best approach is unique goal-meeting. Start by guiding your team through establishing their own unique profiles and fitness goals. Each should equate a similar amount of time in the day and personal effort.

Challenge your most competitive team members to set realistic goals and your most hesitant team members to set healthy, reachable goals. Within that range, the challenge is to build a daily fitness habit that is equally challenging for each team member, even if their goals or activities are different.

Building a Workplace Wellness Challenge with Sworkit

Sworkit is one of the most flexible and personalized fitness apps available, focusing on exercise diversity and meeting personal goals. Each person can build their profile and establish how much they personally want to exercise each day. Daily exercise duration and personal fitness goals are used to guide members through a custom fitness routine every day.

When building a workplace wellness challenge, Sworkit contains the key to personalizing the program while challenging every team member to beat their own best. You can spotlight team members who meet their own goals and increase their goals and set new goals. When your employees are supported with resources like Sworkit, everyone wins!

Ready to explore workplace wellness with Sworkit? Request a demo to tour what Sworkit can do for your team’s health goals.

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