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Set Your Goals for Men’s Health Month

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June is Men’s Health Month, where fitness and wellness are top-of-mind for the guys in our community. We’re highlighting the importance of preventative care and total body health for men at every age. Being proactive in both physical and mental health is the best way to build a solid foundation to support your goals.

If you haven’t set those goals yet, you’re in luck. Our simple guide to health, prevention, wellness, and fitness will get your June goals off on the right track.

Recommended Health Screenings for Men by Age

Hitting your health milestones is the best way to stay on top of your wellness journey. Learn more about which screenings men should get depending on age and lifestyle.

Ages 18-39

Now is the time to establish a baseline at your annual wellness exam and be proactive in your approach to disease prevention and long-term health management. 

  • Physical Exam. Your yearly physical should check vitals as well as screen for testicular cancer. 
  • Metabolic Screening. Get an idea of your fasting blood sugar and lipid profile to best understand any genetic risk factors. This step is a significant benefit in nutrition planning.
  • Vaccines. Stay up-to-date on the recommended vaccines, including influenza, COVID-19, Hepatitis A/B, HPV, Tdap and MMR.
  • STI Screening. Safeguard your reproductive health with regular STI screenings. This is a great time to discuss family planning as we enter the next stage of life.

Age 40+

As we age, it’s important to check in with our bodies. In addition to the screenings noted above, the following are recommended for men in their 40s and 50s.

  • Cardiovascular Screening. Keep a pulse on your stress levels and prevent cardiovascular disease with routine exercise and regular screenings,
  • Cancer Screening. A cancer screening is often recommended to ensure you’re performing at top speed. It’s especially important if you are high-risk or have a family history of certain cancers.
  • Eye Exam. Check your vision and note any changes in your workouts, including changes in muscle memory and hand-eye coordination.

Age 65+

A healthy and fit lifestyle may have you feeling like you’re still in your 20s, but it’s important to get screened for additional health risks as we age.

  • Osteoporosis. Typically recommended for men over 70, an osteoporosis screening is the best way to prevent injuries and fractures when working out.
  • Annual Health Panel. It bears repeating that annual bloodwork and full health screenings don’t stop after 60. In fact, diligently monitoring for changes in blood sugar, cholesterol, and lung function can help detect any emergent problems. Cancer screenings should be repeated as recommended by your physician.

Men’s Mental Health

Did you know that men are 15% less likely to seek mental health treatment than women? Let’s work together to end mental health stigma this month and beyond. Now is a great time to establish care with a licensed therapist. In addition, exercise plays a vital role in managing depression, alleviating anxiety and stress, and promoting clarity and focus throughout our day. Mental wellness and physical fitness go hand-in-hand for total body health.

A Foundation of Fitness

Stay active this month by setting some movement goals. For example, consider cross-training to advance in your favorite sport. Check out our sports conditioning program. You can choose from an array of options divided by sport and exercise goals. Getting started is easy, regardless of your current fitness level.

Are you ready to push yourself to the next level? Our high-intensity workout regime will help you break through that hurdle and get started on more advanced fitness. Our expert trainers guide the routines to ensure a seamless transition and minimize the risk of injury. Learn the right techniques to elevate your gains.

Looking for workouts for men 50+? Maintaining joint mobility is key as we age, especially if you’re also doing strength training and heavy lifting. Our catalog of low-impact cardio, yoga for joint mobility, senior functional fitness, and more will seamlessly fit into your existing workout routine or help you build a senior fitness plan that elevates flexibility and resilience as we age.

Men’s Health Month means prioritizing your wellness and setting new goals to challenge and strengthen ourselves. Learn more about the Sworkit advantage and discover the benefit of fitness made simple with customizable plans for men at every stage of the fitness journey.

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